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Inspire Creativity

The Ix Art Park Foundation is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization that rents property at Ix and operates the outdoor art park and The Looking Glass museum. 


We believe art is participating in the creative process.

Everyone can make art and be creative given the opportunity.

Your contribution will help us provide a platform for young and emerging artists and to inspire creativity in visitors of all ages and backgrounds. No matter how much you have to give, your support inspires and lifts up our local community!

Donation opportunities

$25 - Art Supplies Fund: Your generous contribution of $25 will provide essential art supplies for budding artists of all ages to unleash their creativity at Ix Art Park.

$50 - Exhibition Enhancement: With a donation of $50, you help enhance the visual experience of our exhibitions. Your support covers additional lighting, signage, and display materials, ensuring each artwork captivates visitors.

$100 - Student Outreach Program: Contribute $100 to support our outreach program for students. This donation enables us to offer free museum visits, guided tours, and art-related activities to schools, inspiring the next generation of art enthusiasts.

$250 - Conservation and Restoration Fund: Your $250 donation goes towards the conservation and restoration of artworks in our exhibits, preserving their beauty and integrity for future visitors.  

$500 - Digital Innovation Initiative: Support the museum's embrace of technology with a $500 donation. This contribution helps fund digital exhibits, interactive displays, and virtual experiences, making art accessible in innovative ways.

$1,000 - Guest Artist Series Sponsorship: Become a sponsor for a Guest Artist Series with a donation of $1,000. Your support brings accomplished artists to the museum, enriching our community with unique perspectives and artistic talent.

$2,500 - $5,000 - Facility Upgrades: Your donation will fund improvements and facility upgrades.

$10,000 - Community Engagement Programs: With a $10,000 donation, you play a pivotal role in supporting community engagement initiatives. This contribution funds cultural festivals, public art installations, and events that bring art to the heart of our community.

$25,000 - Curatorial Excellence Endowment: Establish a lasting impact on the museum's curation by contributing $25,000 to our endowment fund. This ensures ongoing support for curatorial excellence, allowing us to attract and retain top talent.

$50,000 - Renovation and Expansion Project: Make a significant impact on the museum's future by supporting our $50,000 renovation and expansion project. Your donation helps create new exhibition spaces and enhances the overall visitor experience.

$100,000 - Named Scholarship Program: Create a lasting legacy by endowing a named scholarship program with a $100,000 donation. This supports aspiring artists, fostering the growth of creativity and knowledge within the community.

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