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IX ART PARK Foundation


To spark creativity and inspiration in people’s everyday lives.

Ix Art Park seeks to empower our community through curating welcoming spaces that allow everyone a safe place to exist creatively. The Foundation believes that everyone can express themselves creatively and deserves an inspiring space to do so.

The Foundation manages a year-round free mural and sculpture outdoor art park, Virginia’s first permanent immersive art experience, as well as several community-driven series including weekly markets supporting women and minority entrepreneurs, arts education programs for underserved youth, and creative empowerment programs for the whole community. 

Our MIssion

Mission Statement


We are located at 522 2nd St. SE, Charlottesville, VA. Our outdoor Art Park is open daily throughout the year. Our indoor immersive art museum, The Looking Glass, is open on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays and is located in the large building we share with the North American Sake Brewery & Restaurant and Three Notch'd Craft Kitchen & Brewery. 

Ix Overview Map.png

Founded in 1919, Frank Ix  & Sons was originally based in Union City, New Jersey. In 1928, Frank Ix, Jr. moved to Charlottesville, Virginia to build the third and eventually largest of six mills. He’d only planned to stay a year but liked it so much, he stayed a lifetime.                                                          

Known around town as the silk mill, Ix & Sons produced “greige goods”, unfinished fabrics. During World War II, Ix & Sons shifted the emphasis of their output from bolts of fabric to nylon parachutes. Four times, the Undersecretary of War awarded Ix & Sons the Army-Navy Production Award, both for their industry and their contribution to the development of new fabrics such as rip-stop nylon, a true lifesaver for American paratroopers. For decades, Ix & Sons was Charlottesville’s largest employer, known for its fairness and warm family atmosphere. Most employees stayed with the mill at least twenty-five years. Many never worked anywhere else.                                                                                          

But in 1999, the grand old mill bowed to an enemy it could not see; a depressed domestic textile market. Their high of 1,400 employees shrank to only 150. After years of struggling, Ix & Sons finally succumbed to the pressure of foreign competition and closed its doors in 1999.                       

Why IX [ɪks̠]?


Ix is a place of

We welcome every member of our community to visit, explore, make and relax in the Art Park.



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We believe in the power of place and know a safe space can empower bold ideas.



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We believe everyone is creative and celebrate that creativity.



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We embrace creative partnerships based on mutual respect.



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executive BOARD

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Michael Caplin

Vice-President-Former President, Tyson's Corner Business District


President, United Way of Greater Charlottesville

Kate Byrne

Strategic Growth Advisor, Community and Partnership at Goodlight Capital

Our Staff

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