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may 25 & 26
sat 3-8pm | sun 10am-6pm

Tickets on sale march 15

The Charlottesville Arts Festival returns for its 4th year this May. This one-of-a-kind arts festival welcomes 50 fine artists of all genres and celebrates creativity, diversity, and community.


The event focuses on fine and visual arts, immersive art experiences, interactive artist demonstrations and workshops, and allows patrons to participate in the art-making process.


The festival experience is enhanced by performance artists, eclectic musical guests, and delicious local culinary delights throughout the weekend.

Artist application deadline is March 1st, 2024. Artists will be notified of their acceptance by March 8th, 2024. 

artists & Vendors

A Different Place and Time

Abigail Treece- Things Clay and Wool



Art by Blossoms

Art of G Terado

Arte Blanche Fine Arts

Beaded Beardworks

Beego Handmade

Blue Door Art Gallery


Brian Lacy Pottery

Camille Gerrick Art

Carol H. Barber Fine Art

Cary G Arts

Charlottesville Poem Store

Charlottesville Opera

Critter Butts


Deerhawk Art Studio

Designs by Melanie

Elemental Choice

Fisher Samuel Harris

Handmade By Harper

Joyful Bauble Co.

Kathryn Wingate Art



Laura Aldridge Art

Leathered Lamb

Mary Jane Check

McGuffey Art Center

pine resin sculptures

Psychedelic Goodz


Real Creative Studio

Ripasso Barrel Co

Sharon Torzala Ceramics


The Salvation Army Charlottesville Corps


Wicked Bubbles LLC

Woolie Boolie Studio & Dietrich Maune

Special Exhibit

  "Cityscapes of Cville" - Abstract Solo Exhibition by Zsu Szabo 

Join us for an extraordinary showcase featuring the stunning works of Zsu Szabo, a Hungarian Visual Artist and Graphic Designer. With a rich background in the arts, Zsu graduated from the Metropolitan University in Budapest in 2019 and has since captivated audiences with solo exhibitions in Europe.

Now, Zsu brings her vision to Charlottesville, VA, where she has immersed herself in the city's vibrant culture and dynamic energy. Through her exploration of Charlottesville's Cityscapes, Zsu's series of oil paintings, mixed-media techniques, and collages offer a unique perspective on our beloved hometown.

Each abstract masterpiece is a colourful reflection of Zsu's experiences and interactions with the locals, incorporating found materials and upcycled treasures from the town of Cville. From captivating papercuts to mesmerising mixed techniques, Zsu's process of creation transforms the essence of our city into visual poetry.

In a commitment to sustainability, Zsu has crafted every artwork specifically for this exhibition, utilising only local materials and repurposed treasures. These pieces, born from the heart of Charlottesville, echo Zsu's mission to remain environmentally conscious and green.

Join us during our Art Festival at The Looking Glass to explore Zsu's collection and witness the beauty, history, and spirit of our hometown come to life through her visionary art.

 Location: The Looking Glass, Charlottesville, VA


performing artists

Bad Hat Fire Troupe with The Rusty Iris

Dollz Entertainment

Richmond Faery Federation


Saturday May 25

3-5p - Swansong

5:30-8p Tie Dye Mafia

Sunday May 26

10-12p Ian Blackwood

12:30-2:30 Robert Jospe

3-6p - The Sweet Potatos

demos & workshops

*Demos and workshops will take place on a first come first serve basis. All demos will take place at vendor booths. workshops will take place in the workshop tent in the Outside Art Room. Artists may charge a fee for workshop materials*   

Crystal Jewelry Making
with alignedwire
Sunday 5/26 noon-1p in the Workshop Tent

In this workshop, participants will learn about some high vibrational crystals before creating their very own wire-wrapped jewelry. After creating, participants will meditate and set intentions with their pieces.

Anmara: an electronic soundbath submersion
with Annabeth McNamara
Saturday 5/25 7pm inside The Looking Glass

Have you ever been to a music performance and wanted to lean back, shut your eyes, and soak it all in? Looking out over audiences at Yoga Festivals and outdoor meadow concerts, Annabeth noticed her music was being absorbed in lotus position. Fans kept saying how relaxing her music project, Anmara, was, and she started to be described as "synth Enya." That's what prompted her to innovate an ultra-peaceful soundscape set of her most down-tempo songs for people like her who seek out rejuvenation and calm-- a music experience where they can let go and go deep within.


You're specially invited to a swirling journey blanketed in ethereal looped harmonies, cocooned within the other-worldly Looking Glass venue. 

Bring any of the following for maximal comfort: a yoga mat, blanket, bolster, meditation cushion, chunky sweater, cozy socks... Whatever you need to feel comfortable as you dive deep into the healing power of live music.


The word Anmara refers to an extra-celestial place we can cultivate- a state of harmony and openness that allows us to rejuvenate and reinvigorate our love for life. Pilgrims to Anmara seek the ineffable divinity that can only be touched through song.

Ancient Egyptian Yoga Class (Kemetic Yoga) 
with Solomon Marley
Sunday 5/26 at 1pm inside The Looking Glass


The roots of all yoga traditions can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, then known as Kemet. Our system of yoga, Kemetic Yoga, comes straight off of the pyramid walls. It is known formally as The Movement in The Company of Gods and Goddesses, or Smai Tawi. Which translates to the Union of Upper and Lower Egypt (The Higher and Lower Self - respectively).

food vendors

Farm Fresh Fusion Foods

Sabor Latino

Tealicious Cafe

Time For Sweets

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