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John Owen

"We'Ve Made a place to exclude reality and provide a phenomenon of our artists' concepts."

A lifelong Charlottesville resident and artist, John is a freelance decorative painter and interior designer, and one of the founders of Live Arts, Charlottesville's community theatre. 

His caterpillar tunnel is a journey through an overscale world of imagination. It represents the metamorphosis of then to now, dark to light, quiet to loud, small to colossal. He invites onlookers to become IN-lookers.

John’s Full ARtist Statement

I grew up in Charlottesville and have been in the arts almost as long. I’ve  been a freelance decorative painter / interior designer since the ‘80s and executed a lot of art and design projects here in Charlottesville and nationwide. Most proudly, I am a founder (one of many) of Live Arts in Charlottesville. In this arts community, I have found my home. This caterpillar is a journey through an overscale  world of imaginings.

From then til now.
From dark to light.
From quiet to loud.
Small to colossal;
From caterpillar to moth.
To make the on looker an “inlooker”
We’ve made a place to exclude reality, and  provide the phenomenon of our artists concepts.
Interact; do it here.
What will your ideas look like after the lens of the looking glass?

Caterpillar 2.jpg

Behind the scenes look

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