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Street Art

Get involved


Looking for a place to create, exhibit, or showcase your amazing art? Maybe you have a fantastic mural idea or a large sculpture looking for a home? Perhaps you want to be the next artist to add an installation to The Looking Glass? Come spark creativity with us at Ix!




Have a great idea for a workshop or class? Get in touch! We welcome visiting and teaching artists to our outdoor art park and The Looking Glass museum. 


The Ix Art Park never sleeps--but we can't do it alone! We are a community arts space that is built by and for our community. Want to paint? Want to build a stage? Want to help at events? Grab a friend and sign up today to lend a hand and leave your mark on the art park. For more information on volunteering with us, please email


Ways to help


Outdoor Upkeep

Nature Calls!

But not in the way you're thinking of—we have indoor bathrooms. Instead we would love some extra hands to help with our 15,000 sq ft. outdoor space. Along with traditional park maintenance, there are opportunities for gardening, carpentry, and more! 

Summer Camp 2.jpg

Community Outreach

Since you're already

on your phone...

Why not come and spend even more time on your phone and help spread the word of our events and the park? We can always use more photos and videos of all the fun that happens at Ix! Join us and let's break the internet together <3 




How are you with kids?

Kids are great. Great little balls of energy whose creativity hasn't been fully suppressed by the world. Sorry, too deep? Anyways, kids benefit from having positive influences in their lives, and we're looking for great people like you to provide guidance in our programs!

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