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Kathryn Wingate

Treehouse, Dripstone Cave

Juxtaposing rendered human anatomy with graphic shapes, lines, and shadows, Kathryn Wingate aims to create a visual vocabulary to describe the infinite variations of how we consume reality. While studying Communication Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, she quickly discovered a passion for painting, and in it, an outlet to explore her existential fascinations. Her surreal figure oil paintings depict abstract sensations that transcend the five senses and represent other invisible layers of our inner and outer realities.

Wingate’s work is a personal investigation into the relationship between the finite physical shape she occupies and the infinite space it floats through.

Wingate is an alumni from the McGuffey Art Center's 2020-2021 Incubator Program in Charlottesville, Virginia. Wingate currently is the Director of Curation at the Ix Art Park in Charlottesville, Virginia

Kathryn Wingate
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