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June 15 & 16

SAT 3-8PM | SUN 10AM-6PM 

Hear ye, hear ye! 

We hereby extend a most genial invitation to you to the Fae Festival - an urban Renaissance faire coming back to Ix Art Park this june. 

Come one, come all! Merry wanderers of all ages will find such stuff as dreams are made on. Don your best attire and frolick through the medieval market, revel to live music, feast amongst food vendors, and so much more!

artisan vendors

Abigail Treece- Things Clay and Wool 5

Alchemy & Arcana 6

Amoeba Clay 24

Art by Blossoms 7

Art From The Bark Store and Studio 53

Art of G Terado 20

Bellavance Ink 9

Black Heath Meadery 1-2

Brit Austin Art 10

Carlys High on Pots 27

Cockandeyejoe + bichstiched 42

Curio Cabinet 32-34


Elemental Choice 12

Escapism Artists 32-34

Fairyfernalia 50

Finklepotts Fairy Hair 15

Fisher Samuel Harris 21

Glazed&Confused Candles 18

Goblin Embassy 47

Herbal Hedge Witch 56

Hex N Holler 57

Kathryn Wingate Art 14

Lake Fairy Creations 37

Leathered Lamb 30

Linked Permanent Jewelry 48

Little Seed Arts 28

Mack Daddy Woodworks 17

Maddy Wilson Art 22

Minerals & Mystics 36

Moonhanded Studio 23

Mother Bear Medicinals 51-52

Mother's Blessings 43

Mystical Cavern 55

Nicole Pisaniello 46

Om Grown Art 29

Organamama Apothecary 26

Paint It Orange 40

Paint Me a Perfect World Productions 45

Prints Charming 3D 25

Raptor Hill Falconry 54

Raresight Craftworks 49

Readings with Rachel 38

Society for Creative Anachronism 3-4

SpiderWorks Craftmanship 11

Sugar & Smoke 33

The Colors of Cosplay 44

The Dogwood Tree 41

The Wandering Witch 16

The Whimsy Goth 8

Third Branch Leather 19

Valkyrie Armory 58

Very Fairy 13

White Raven Tarot 31

Lauren Stangil Illustrations 39

_Fae Fest Map 2024 2 .png



Saturday June 15

3:00p - 4:00p Vicky Lee, Harpist

4:30p - 6:30p An Lar

7:00p - 8:00p Jim Gagnon

Sunday June 16

10:00a - 1:00p Matthew O'Donnell

1:30P - 3:30p Melissa Cox

4:00p - 6:00p Anamara


Throughout the weekend

Thunder and Spice


Saturday June 15

4:00p Pirates of the Piedmont


Dollz Entertainment

Richmond Faerie Federation & The Goblin Embassy

Cumulus Dance

 The Shire of Isenfir of the Society for Creative Anachronism

Bad Hat Fire Troupe & The Rusty Iris

Iron Lions

Zorn Vongal

special guests

Raptor Hill Falconry

Saturday, June 15, 3-6p

Freckles N' Friends Balloon Art

Sunday time tbd

workshops & DEMOS


(in the workshop ten, unless otherwise noted)


Finklepott's Fairy Hair (At Vendor Booth)

Ready to make your hair sparkle? ​Behold the enchanting beauty of Finklepott's Original Fairy Hair- The Most Magical Hair in the World!

Thistlerock Mead Company Presents: The World of Mead & Honey.

Sunday, June 16 11am - 12:30p - INSIDE The Looking Glass


In this 90 minute workshop, guests will be led on a sensory journey across contingents and through time, learning about rare honeys and sustainable mead production with Thistlerock’s Doug Suchan, Chief Meadmaker and Amanda Kwiecien, Assistant Meadmaker. Guests must be 21 years old or above and have valid government issued ID to participate.

Brit Austin Art - Draw the Fae with Brit Austin Art 

Saturday: 5-5:30p, Sunday: 11am-11:30a

Learn to draw the Fae with local artist, Brit Austin and model, a surprise special guest during this 30 min. live model drawing session! All skill levels and ages encouraged! Art supplies and materials provided, but feel free to bring your own! Capacity: 20

DEUSDETRITUS -  Gel Plate Printing 

Sunday, 2:00p

Learn the basics of gel printing by watching me make one or making your own!

Lauren Stangil Illustrations - Carving Wooden Mushrooms and Gnomes with Justin Thisdell

Saturday 6:00-6:30p & Sunday 11-11:30a

Justin will demonstrate how he carves mushrooms and gnomes out of wood. He will share techniques and tools he uses.


(in the artist's tent)

Art of G Terado: Live painting a brand new piece of a mythological being based in Philippine folklore called “diwata” which translates to “muse”, “fairy” or “enchantress”. Throughout the weekend.

Third Branch Leather: Demonstrating the art of wet molding leather, transforming it into beautifully crafted masks and other intricate items. This comprehensive demonstration will cover the entire process, starting with a flat piece of leather and guiding you through each step to the finished product. You'll learn about selecting the right type of leather, preparing it for molding, and the various techniques used to shape and form it into detailed and durable creations. Whether you're interested in making masks, accessories, or other custom leather goods, this demonstration will give you the knowledge and skills to create your own unique pieces.


Saturday 4:30pm and 6:30 pm. 

Sunday 1:00p and 4:00 pm. 

Maddy Wilson Art: demonstrating the art of needle felting. Throughout the weekend. 

Mother's Blessings Jewelry: Check out a bit of the process behing the hammered and woven copper pieces from Mother's Blessings Jewelry. Throughout the weekend. 

Art by Blossoms: Synesthesia voice painting is a form of art where the artist who experiences chromesthesia (seeing sounds) translates the colors and shapes they perceive from people's voices into visual paintings. Each voice is represented by a unique combination of colors, patterns, and movements, resulting in a personalized and abstract representation of the individual's speech. Demos throughout the weekend. 

food vendors

Emmadale Takeout

Tealicious Cafe

Wow fudge

Olive Branch Gardens (Saturday)

It's Poppin Time (Sunday)

Fae Fest 2024 is made possible in part by support from the

Virginia Tourism Corporation

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