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Inspirez la créativité

Votre contribution nous aidera à fournir une plate-forme pour les artistes et organismes artistiques jeunes et émergents, et à favoriser la créativité des visiteurs de tous âges et de tous horizons. Peu importe combien vous avez à donner, votre soutien inspire et élève notre communauté locale !

Donation opportunities

$25 - Art Supplies Fund: Your generous contribution of $25 will provide essential art supplies for budding artists of all ages to unleash their creativity at Ix Art Park.

$50 - Exhibition Enhancement: With a donation of $50, you help enhance the visual experience of our exhibitions. Your support covers additional lighting, signage, and display materials, ensuring each artwork captivates visitors.

$100 - Student Outreach Program: Contribute $100 to support our outreach program for students. This donation enables us to offer free museum visits, guided tours, and art-related activities to schools, inspiring the next generation of art enthusiasts.

$250 - Conservation and Restoration Fund: Your $250 donation goes towards the conservation and restoration of artworks in our exhibits, preserving their beauty and integrity for future visitors.  

$500 - Digital Innovation Initiative: Support the museum's embrace of technology with a $500 donation. This contribution helps fund digital exhibits, interactive displays, and virtual experiences, making art accessible in innovative ways.

$1,000 - Guest Artist Series Sponsorship: Become a sponsor for a Guest Artist Series with a donation of $1,000. Your support brings accomplished artists to the museum, enriching our community with unique perspectives and artistic talent.

$2,500 - $5,000 - Facility Upgrades: Your donation will fund improvements and facility upgrades.

$10,000 - Community Engagement Programs: With a $10,000 donation, you play a pivotal role in supporting community engagement initiatives. This contribution funds cultural festivals, public art installations, and events that bring art to the heart of our community.

$25,000 - Curatorial Excellence Endowment: Establish a lasting impact on the museum's curation by contributing $25,000 to our endowment fund. This ensures ongoing support for curatorial excellence, allowing us to attract and retain top talent.

$50,000 - Renovation and Expansion Project: Make a significant impact on the museum's future by supporting our $50,000 renovation and expansion project. Your donation helps create new exhibition spaces and enhances the overall visitor experience.

$100,000 - Named Scholarship Program: Create a lasting legacy by endowing a named scholarship program with a $100,000 donation. This supports aspiring artists, fostering the growth of creativity and knowledge within the community.

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