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Summer Camp returns to the Ix Art Park! Campers are invited back to have a blast with robust programming that provides the perfect blend of Immersive Art exhibits and the surrounding Art Park. 

Summer As it Should Be


All Summer Long

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Creature Builder Collective 
for 6 to 9 year olds
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Stop Mo Stories
for 10 to 13 year olds
Art & Nature Camp
for 3 to 5 year olds

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This series of one-week intensive daytime art camps are focused on compelling creature-based themes. Under the guidance of dedicated teaching artists, campers will explore exciting subjects through various artistic mediums such as sculpture, illustration, painting, puppetry, stop motion animation, and more.

All camps will feature hands-on artmaking opportunities, tutorials, and the chance to work with professional materials and tools.

All camps run Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm with curriculum beginning promptly at 9 am. Campers should pack their own lunches and snacks. Camp serves ages 6 to 9 years. 
Tuition is $400 per week.


Creatures of Myth

July 11 - 15

Dragon heads, Unicorn enthusiasts, and Mermaid maniacs are all welcome here! mythology, legends, and lore We’ll research and celebrate fairy tale fauna and maybe even make some new myths of our own.
Surrealistic Planet

Beasts & Bots of Sci-Fi

August 1 - 5

Space is the final frontier and a place where no one can hear you scream. It’s also a realm of all kinds of colorful extra terrestrials, interplanetary beings and intricately designed droids. This round of Creature Builder Collective artfully explores these otherworlds.



July 18 - 22

Look, all respect to T-Rex, there’s so much more than Dinos, to our long departed animal kingdom. In Prehistoria, we’ll deal with Dimetrodon, smile at Smilodon and bite into Trilobites, artistically speaking. 


Totally Nautical

August 8 - 12 

What swims below the surface? From fashioning frogs and fish to sculpting sharks and seahorses, undersea zoology drives inspiration for this workshop. It’s the  perfect experience for the aquatic artist.


Monster Madness

August 22 - 26

It’s alive! It’s alive! Monsters of all shapes and sizes inspire art making in this workshop. Participants will explore the history of monsters and why they’re so important to us.  This a perfect class for the ferocious young artist.


Creepy vs. Cute

July 25 - 29

How do you take your creatures, creepy or cute? Do you like fuzzy faces and big, shiny eyes? Is a sharp set of claws and a sinister snout more your thing? Or, do you mix your creature qualities? These questions and more will be actively explored in this wild workshop.



August 15 - 19

Cha-cha-cha-cha-changes! Creatures can change and this workshop celebrates just that! Art making this week takes inspiration from lovely life-cycles like caterpillar to butterfly and tadpole to  frog. We might even dabble in some Pokemon. You won’t just like this workshop,  you’ll LARVA it!



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Lights, camera, action! Well, actually it’s more like story, script, concept art, storyboards, puppets, sets, lights, camera, action! This epic camp provides lessons in patience and focus, as well as puppet building and set design. Further, it provides a creatively charged tutorial in that most elusive and important of skills: collaboration. 12 teaching artist-guided collaborators will create a 5 to 10-minute stop-motion animated film.

All camps run Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm with curriculum beginning promptly at 9 am. Select camps available for 2 week periods. Campers should pack their own lunches and snacks. Camp serves ages 10 to 14 years. 
Tuition is $400 per week.

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A chance for young children ages 3 to 5 years to experience the delight and power of art and nature. Art + Nature = creativity, wellbeing, connection. Our program is designed to nurture children’s sense of wonder, curiosity, and self-expression. Weekly themes include hands-on outdoor nature explorations and creative arts projects. Campers are also welcomed into the Looking Glass immersive art museum.

Drop off from 9-9:15 am. Outdoor nature activity begins at 9:15, followed by a 10 am snack break and a creative arts activity at 10:15 am. Campers enjoy free play inside the Looking Glass, IX Art Park’s unique immersive art museum, each day before lunch. Free play/circle time runs from 12:30 pm until dismissal at 1 pm.


Our Scholarship Program provides community members with access to our educational programming including our summer camps above.

2022 Summer Camp Calenar

Specific Camp Curriculum Details To Come in February.